Principles Governing the Conduct of all Synodical Meetings

  1. All meetings must be conducted in a transparent, robust and fair manner in a spirit of Christian grace.
  2. We are the body of Christ and will seek to work in a collaborative and inclusive way at all times.
  3. We are committed to upholding Synodical government as instituted by the national Church of England. The constitution of the Synod determines membership, voting rights, election procedures, notice of meeting, committee procedures and General Synod business.
  4. The Chair is responsible for the conduct of a meeting, but is accountable and must be flexible.
  5. The Chair must strive to ensure a balanced debate and manage the business of the meeting and speakers to time.
  6. Any subject being debated and its desired outcome must be clearly stated.
  7. The Deanery Standing Committee and Officers of the Deanery Synod are responsible for finance but are accountable to Synod as “shareholders”. Synod must receive the annual accounts, approve the annual budget and appoint auditors (if appropriate) at the Annual General Meeting of the Deanery Synod.
  8. Synod may not authorise or direct any expenditure without the agreement of the Standing Committee.
  9. Items raised by Parishes will take precedence in planning the Agenda, providing the Standing Committee has had time to review it.
  10. Private member’s items will be reviewed by the Standing Committee which will make an appropriate recommendation about moving the item forward to Synod.
  11. Members of Synod may query the decisions of the Standing Committee.
  12. Questions at Deanery Synod meetings will be permitted, without notice, subject to time being available.
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