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We asked our fantastic Places of Welcome Volunteers what HOPE meant to them and if they would be willing to share a few of their thoughts with us.

Friday Friendship at Carters Lane Baptist Church, Halesowen took things one step further at their Place of Welcome and invited all of their Friday Friendship community members (they have over 40 people come along each week!) to share their thoughts on what Hope means to them, as well as the Church Leadership Team, who are all regulars of the Friday morning group. They found it a lovely exercise and some of the responses will also be used in one of their future church services. We are grateful for Carters Lane Baptist Church’s contribution and glad they enjoyed their group reflection on Hope.

Below is just a selection of the responses from Carters Lane Baptist Church Place of Welcome. You can find this Place of Welcome open every Friday morning between 10:00 and 12:00, on Carters Lane, Halesowen, B62 0BX.


 "Whatever weather we can come here and have a cup of tea and a cake and meet people to have a chat. Hope for the future."

"Think of all the good things in life. Remain positive, offer alternative ways forward and support."

"Hope and positivity are the two things that keep me going every day."

"Things that make us hopeful is people doing the right things for, the suffering in the world. To help others, who need them, doing good makes you feel good."

"It is important as it helps you see the light in the dark days. Good news, positive experiences, friendship. Demonstrate opportunities and different outlooks, share positive thoughts."

"The conviction that in the darkest of nights, a new day will dawn."

"Someone once suggested that you exchange your mirror for a window because in changing your focus, you‘ll see further and find Hope!"

"Hope is essential to me. It is a word I use very often. To me it is positive, encouraging and supportive, lifting spirits especially in darker moments."

"All sorts of things give me hope. Many are quite small and can be linked to a feeling of joy. It could be a sunset, butterfly on a  flower, a beautiful autumn leaf, frost edging grass blades.  It gives a glimpse of something outside of myself,.  Hope can be linked to self-worth too in my mind.  A smile and word, a touch of the arm can mean such a lot when it’s sincere."

"Encouraging someone to have hope has no easy answers and isn’t something I consciously do. Perhaps it’s valuing people, caring about them, genuinely listening and encouraging them to talk, then perhaps remind them of that they are doing or already have achieved in difficult situations.  The phrase I often use is “make the most of good days and may you be given strength for the others”.

"How important is hope to me the answer is VERY – without it there is nothing it lifts my spirits. Belief in God. Good will always succeed Kindness of people.  Sun always comes up. Encourage positive thoughts, identify realistic goals, and take small steps to achieve these."

"In a world where there is a lot of doubt, despair, and conflict, one needs to look for the bright rays of sunshine and there are lots of them.  To have hope is essential - we need hope."

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