Guidance on Pastoral Schemes, Parochial Governance and Church Representation Rules

We have produced an Advice note on matters that are relevant to the Annual Parochial Meetings.

We also include a note about Rule 18-20 Schemes under the Church Representation Rules to assist parishes in how to approach these arrangements.

A note about the complicated consequential effects of Pastoral Schemes on parochial matters is included here:

Guidance applicable for the 'old' Church Representation Rules:

Changes to the Church Representation Rules

The Church Representation Rules will be radically overhauled with effect from 1 January 2020. The new rules will therefore be in force for next year's annual parish meetings, so that it is important that clergy, electoral roll officers and PCC secretaries and members are aware of the changes. The national church is going to produce some guidance, but it is not expected that it will be published until November. The Joint Diocesan Registrars have therefore decided to produce guidance on the new rules themselves, so as to try to assist in the process of education. However this guidance cannot be produced in one session, and will be issued over the coming month as time permits. The topics will be (i) Electoral Rolls; (ii) Annual Meetings; (iii) Parish governance and PCCs; (iv) the new Joint Council concept; (v) elections; (vi) Deanery Synods; (vii) Diocesan Synods; (viii) miscellaneous issues.

To read these guidance notes, please click on the following:

  1. Electoral rolls;
  2. Annual Meetings;
  3. Governance of PCCs;
  4. PCC schemes.

The following are precedent schemes under the 'new' 2020 Rules:

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