Intruder Alarm System (IAS) Policy

Intruder Alarm Systems in Vicarages

This policy was endorsed at Benefice Buildings Committee on 8th October 2014

Replacement of an Existing IAS

The Diocese is to provide a completely new Intruder Alarm System (IAS) in the following circumstances:

  • Where there is no existing intruder alarm system in place
  • Where the Diocese considers that an existing system is no longer fit for purpose

Repairs to, or Re-commissioning of, an Existing IAS

  1. At its discretion, the Diocese will pay for and arrange the re-commissioning of an existing IAS where the loss of access codes or instruction manual would not allow the new occupier to use that IAS.
  2. Where an existing IAS is not being used because of false alarms caused by pets, the Diocese will fund and arrange for the installation of a maximum of 2 No. pet proof PIR detectors (normally the kitchen and utility) to enable the IAS to be used.
  3. The Diocese will pay for the replacement of the following components in an existing IAS which have become defective or defunct:
  • A control unit (where recommended for replacement by an alarm company)
  • A damaged or inoperable PIR or door or window contact
  • Keypad

Existing, Functioning IAS

  1. The Diocese is not responsible for dealing with false activations of the IAS.
  2. The Diocese is not responsible for the maintenance of an existing, fully functioning IAS.
  3. The Diocese is not responsible for the setting up, or paying for, an annual maintenance agreement with an alarm company.

Please Note: There is no obligation on the part of the Occupier or Parish to have an active maintenance agreement. However, if a fault does develop you may find that you will not have as rapid a response from the alarm company if you do not have a maintenance agreement with them.

NB: This policy supercedes any pre-existing advice contained in the Housing Guide or other documents.


Charles Glenn, Diocesan Surveyor,
18th August 2016

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