Interior Decorating Scheme and Church Buildings Fund

Further to discussions at the end of 2020 and following the Diocesan Synod motion in December 2020 it has been agreed to implement some changes to the Interior Decoration Scheme and create a new fund to help parishes with Quinquennial Inspection costs in accordance with the National Church Guidelines.

Interior Decoration Scheme

At present the Diocese operates an Interior Decoration Scheme, where a parish can contribute towards interior decoration of the Clergy house in their parish. The current scheme allows for a 25% bonus to be added to the account if the contribution is not withdrawn after 12 months. The maximum bonus at present is £62.50 i.e. maximum contribution to qualify for a bonus is £250.

In December 2020 the Diocesan Finance Committee reviewed all reserve policies and it was agreed that the Scheme would change as follows:

  1. From 01 January 2021, the scheme would be widened in order for the parish to be able to use the fund to contribute towards any internal work agreed in advance by the Property Department.
  2. From 01 January 2021, the maximum bonus of 25% would be increased to £100 after 12 months, increasing the maximum contribution that qualifies for a bonus to £400.
  3. From 01 January 2022, the maximum bonus of 25% will increase to £125 after 12 months i.e. contribution of £500.

If your parish has already made a contribution for 2021 then this can be topped up and the reward will apply 12 months after the original contribution.

Interior Decorating form (to send with payment)

For more information and help please call the Finance Department.

Church Building Fund

In light of the discussion at Diocesan Synod in December 2020, the Board of Finance has created a new fund to help parishes with costs of Quinquennial Inspection on their church buildings. The fund will be known as the Church Building Fund.

The scheme will work in a similar manner to the IDS above. All parishes will be invited to contribute up to £200 per annum (higher contributions may be made but will not qualify for a bonus). If the contribution is retained in the account for 12 months the Diocese will add a bonus of 10% - maximum of £20. The fund may only be used to assist in the payment of the QI Inspection.

If a church needs assistance with the cost of the QI work, then there will continue to be a Committee who will review any application for financial assistance. The Committee has had various names in recent times and will again be renamed as the Trusts, Loans and Grants Committee. For any assistance please do not hesitate to contact the Finance Department  

Church Building Fund Form (to send with payment)  please do not worry if you do not have a reference yet,  but please send us the buildings complete address.

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