Being Good Stewards

We all have a Vocation in life; some of us may feel called to the more obvious avenues of Ministry Lay or Ordained - but we must not overlook the fact that we are all called to do Gods work in one way or another.

Being Good Stewards means we all have a responsibility to see the church through in our life time, as did the Saints who came before, and to ensure that it survives for the future and the generations to come.

We are Stewards of charitable giving                                                                                                                                         
taking advice on investments and to spend money received from fundraising wisely and responsibly; and through legacies and bequests in accordance with the donors wishes 

We are Stewards of our Volunteers

to give them the freedom to do the job they are called to do by providing up to date information and templates to help release church officers from statutory paperwork 

We are Stewards of our Heritage

preserving our church buildings and local history, taking responsibility for passing on well-maintained plant and making the most of Pastoral and Mission opportunities in the local community

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