Section 05: Annual and other leave

5.1    Annual leave

Your annual leave entitlement is notified to you in your contract of employment. The leave year runs from 1st January. The requirement for any balance of leave not taken before 31st December (up to a maximum of 5 days) is that it shall normally be taken before 31st March. Any exception requires the prior approval of the CEO. All leave should be recorded on the diocesan absence management tool ‘E-days’. You will receive training on the use of the system as part of your induction.

Under the diocesan conditions of service, part-time staff are entitled to pro- rata entitlement, based on the number of hours they work per week. The most effective way to ensure the correct entitlement is to express leave (annual and public holidays) as hours and the following

Employees appointed or leaving during the calendar year qualify for a proportionate amount of leave according to each completed month worked.

The diocesan offices are closed for statutory bank holidays and between Christmas and New Year. All closures will be notified to you and can be seen on “E-days”. 

5.2    Statutory leave

All full time employees get a paid holiday on each of the 8 statutory and public holidays as they occur. Part time employees will only be paid if the Bank Holiday falls on one of their normal working days.

5.3    Compassionate leave

In special circumstances, leave of absence is subject to the approval of your Line Manager.

5.4    Bereavement leave

Employees will be granted up to 5 days discretionary bereavement leave after consultation with their Line Manager.

5.5    Parental bereavement leave

The Board is committed to supporting employees through their grief by ensuring that bereaved parents can take parental bereavement leave and being as understanding and flexible as possible in these circumstances.

Any employee who has suffered the loss of a child (i.e. under the age of 18) or a still birth is entitled to two weeks’ Parental Bereavement Leave. The following are considered parental relationships:

  • biological parent
  • adoptive parent, if the child was living with them
  • person who lived with the child and had responsibility for them, for at least 4 weeks before they died
  • 'intended parent' – due to become the legal parent through surrogacy
  • partner of the child’s parent, if they live with the child and the child’s parent in an enduring family relationship

Please speak to the HR team for further information.

5.6    Funeral leave

One day’s paid leave to be given to attend the funeral of a dependant or close relative.

5.7    Garden/special leave

Additional leave with or without pay may be granted in special circumstances at the discretion of the Chief Executive.

5.8    Public duties

If you are called for jury service you must inform your Line Manager and the HR Team as soon as possible so that, if necessary, arrangements can be made for temporary cover. You will not suffer financial loss as a result of having to serve in this way.

Consideration will be given to absences by employees undertaking civic and/or community commitments such as magistrate, Justice of the Peace, and School Governor. Please refer to the CEO before undertaking such commitments.

5.9    Medical apppointments

Where possible, employees are asked to make appointments with doctors, dentists, opticians, and other medical practitioners outside normal office hours. If this is not possible, the appointment should be arranged so that it causes minimal disruption to the working day.

5.10   Adverse weather conditions

Unless there are wholly exceptional circumstances, employees will be expected to report for work, unless on pre-arranged leave.

Managers should recognise any problems experienced by employees in travelling to and from work and the effect on their starting and finishing times.

In the case of severe weather, please refer to the home page of the diocesan website before leaving home. If the severe weather is prolonged, there may be circumstances where employees can work from home after agreement with your Line Manager.

5.11   Study leave

Paid leave will be given to employees in order to sit approved examinations applicable to the work of the Board. This can be up to 5 days additional to exam days.

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