Section 13: Employee health

13.1 Sickness reporting and pay

Sickness reporting

All employees who are unable to report for work because of illness are to inform their Line Manager or the HR Team as early as possible (preferably before 9.30 a.m.) on the first day of absence, giving the date they first became ill, some indication of the illness and how long they expect to be away.

Employees should contact their Line Manager, on the fourth day of sickness absence, to update them on their condition

All sickness absence will be recorded on E-days

Self-certification/doctor’s certificates

In any event, a ‘self-certification form’ will be required for up to seven calendar days’ absence, and thereafter a doctor’s or hospital certificate will be required.

The E-days system will automatically generate a self-certification form for completion upon return to work. This form will be authorised by the Line Manager, recorded on the system. HR will check the recording of this absence for monitoring purposes.

A Doctor’s Certificate for one week includes the day it is dated i.e. if the Certificate is for one week dated on a Friday, employees should return to work on the following Friday, not the Monday after that.

Sick pay

Once you completed a year of employment with the Board and are absent through sickness or injury, you will be entitled to receive your normal pay (inclusive of statutory sick pay, if any) for up to six months. This will then reduce to half for a further six months. 

In the first year of your employment you will receive 1 month’s full pay and 1 month’s half pay

After exhausting any entitlement to sick pay, you will enter a no-pay situation, however SSP will apply.

If sickness reoccurs within an 8 week period for the same reason, then the period of absence through sickness period will be classed as continuous – i.e. added to the period already taken as absent. If however sickness reoccurs for a different reason, then it will not be treated as continuous.

Sickness and annual leave

Should employees become ill while on annual leave and wish to claim sick pay in lieu of holiday, they:

  • Must telephone their relevant manager immediately.
  • Must submit a Self Certificate to their relevant manager to cover first 7 seven days and thereafter a Doctor’s certificate, as necessary.
  • Will be regarded as being on sick leave from the date of a Doctor’s Certificate.


Absence from work will be monitored and the Board reserves the right to require a medical certificate where self-certificated absence becomes excessive or a concern.

Any abuse of the Sickness Scheme will be dealt with accordingly and repeated abuse could lead to disciplinary action.

13.2 Managing absence policy and procedure

Managers should take an active role in managing absences. In general, short term absences may indicate little, however recurrent periods of absence and longer term absence may be an indication of something else. 

The Board is genuinely concerned for the well-being of its employees and seeks to protect the health and safety of the workforce. In return, the organisation expects its employees to respond in the following –

  • To care for their health and seek help whenever appropriate and not to hinder or otherwise adversely affect one’s treatment, recovery or general.
  • To attend for work whenever they are able to do so.

The sickness levels of employees will be monitored by their managers and medical advice should be sought where problems arise through our Occupational Health provision.

13.3 Counselling service

The Board operates the provision of a Counselling Service through the Bishop’s Advisor for Pastoral Care and well-being. Please contact the HR Team for further information.

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