Section 12: Expenses

12.1   Travel expenses

‘Official travel’ means travel on duty: it does not include travel between home and office. Employees may claim expenses incurred in the course of official travel in accordance with the terms and conditions laid down by the Board. Each journey must be clearly delineated.

12.2   Mileage rates

Current HMRC rates apply. These are re-set annually by the Board.

12.3   Car loan scheme

The Board has an approved car loan scheme whereby people on its payroll who can only carry out their duties with the use of a car may apply for a loan towards the purchase of a new or second-hand car. Full details are available from the Director of Finance.

12.4   Bike to work scheme

The Board operates a Bike to Work Scheme. Please contact the HR team for more information.

12.5   Car insurance

Employees who use their own vehicle, or a vehicle registered or insured in someone else's name, occasionally on official business must ensure that their insurance provides adequate cover for the car to be used by the policy holder in connection with his or her business. The cover must be sufficient to permit the employee to drive the vehicle for business purposes. Employees should contact their motor insurers for any advice.

The Board has a responsibility to ensure that suitable insurance is in place and as such can request to see relevant documentation.

12.6   Car-sharing

The Board encourages car-sharing.

12.7   Car parking charges

The Board will only reimburse car parking fees whilst out on work related business, and at times when car parking is not available (when it normally provided) at your place of work. Any parking fines will not be reimbursed.

12.8   Postage

Employees who post personal mail via the Board postage system will be liable for the cost of this postage.

12.9   Eyesight tests

The Board will pay for the cost of regular eye tests for its people who use visual display units (VDU) as a significant part of their work.

12.10 Overnight/meals expenses

Employees will be entitled to reimbursement of expenses in situations where they are working or are on a conference/seminar/training course away from their normal base of work. All claims must be accompanied by original receipts.

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