Section 11: Managing Change

11.1   Guidance on change and redundancy

The need to review structure and/or re-organise within the Board will occur from time to time. The Board will seek to minimise the need for redundancies by responsible and careful planning.

The Board will make every effort to secure suitable alternative employment for any employees either at risk of, or under notice of redundancy.

If the selection of employees for redundancy becomes necessary, consultation will take place on the selection criteria to be used based on legislation, good practice and ACAS guidelines


Whenever the need for re-organisation occurs, managers will discuss processes and timelines with staff at the earliest opportunity and staff will have full employment rights to –

  • Statutory processes for consultation/decision/appeal
  • Be consulted about change, implications and impact
  • Be accompanied at each stage of the process by a workplace colleague
  • Appropriate notice periods
  • Reasonable paid time off to prepare for/attend interviews
  • Seeking suitable alternative employment

Redundancy Pay

The Board will pay statutory redundancy pay, calculated in accordance with the provisions of the relevant current legislation, to any employee made redundant.

Voluntary Redundancy/Early Retirement

Where an employee wishes to apply for voluntary redundancy/early retirement they should write formally to their line manager as soon as reasonably possible. Decisions will be at the discretion of the CEO.

11.2   Retirement

The DBF cannot compulsorily retire their employees, unless the retirement can be objectively justified in their particular circumstances.

In certain cases it might be possible for the Board to justify a retirement age but in order to do so would need to show that it was acting to further a legitimate aim of the organisation and that its actions to achieve that aim were appropriate and necessary.

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