Section 10: Training & development

10.1   Performance review

Each year you will have a formal performance appraisal with your Line Manager. This has a number of important aims:

  • To build closer working relationships and become more effective in the way we work together;
  • To recognise job priorities and agree goals for the future;
  • To review progress against objectives;
  • To understand what we are doing well and what we could be doing even better;
  • To improve our performance;
  • To discuss potential development needs. During the interview you can expect;
  • An honest, open discussion on your own performance, and your manager's role in supporting you;
  • To be able to express your views on your work and progress;
  • To gain recognition for work well done;
  • Constructive feedback on where performance can be improved;
  • Discussion on future personal development;
  • To agree aims, objectives, and priorities for the future.

Performance review is not simply an annual event; it is a continuous process. Concerns or constructive comments you have about any aspect of your job, including your working relationships with other departments and staff, should be made known to your Line Manager immediately, not left until the formal review interview. The appraisal is also an opportunity for you to raise any other matters that you may have felt unable to broach in any other context.

10.2   Professional development

Every employee is responsible for their own professional training and development during the course of their employment with the Board.

10.3   Attending training sessions

Employees attending or undertaking approved training and/or development are entitled to payment of normal earnings, all prescribed fees and other relevant expenses arising for these activities as negotiated with their Line Manager.

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