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A concise outline to get parishes started online: Social Media Strategy Guide

Vital Safeguarding Information

The House of Bishops require parishes to display information about their safeguarding arrangements on their website including:

  • A formal statement of adoption of the House of Bishops Promoting a Safer Church; safeguarding policy statement. This should be signed on behalf of the PCC.
  • Contact details of the Parish Safeguarding Officer, churchwarden and any other local leaders.
  • Info about where to get help with child and adult safeguarding issues eg local authority contact details, domestic abuse and key helplines such as ChildLine (see here).

The Parish Safeguarding Handbook also says a parish should ensure that safeguarding arrangements are clearly visible on the front page of the parish website. It is left to local determination about what information to put on the site (if the parish has one) but anyone should quickly be able to access information about how to raise safeguarding concerns.

Website Building Online Seminar

A step by step tutorial to guide you through building a website for your church. This webinar is 80 minutes long; it will probably take around six hours to create a website. Its designed so that you can do it on your own but if at any point you need help to progress.

Please note, since this online seminar went live, there has been an update regarding the display of safeguarding information on church websites. You now need to make sure that you have included safeguarding information for your church on the front page of your website, for details, see above.

Content Creation Online Seminar

A step by step guide showing how to use free content creation software to create visual content for your church website and social media pages. This online seminar is 20 minutes long and will enable you to create your own visual content tailored to your church.

Facebook For Churches Online Seminar

In this online seminar, you will learn how to set up and effectively use a Facebook Page for your church. This seminar is just over 45 minutes long and is aimed at beginners, however it would also be useful for anyone looking to improve their church's Facebook presence.

Instagram For Churches Online Seminar

In this 30 minute online seminar, we will walk you through using Instagram for your church. You will be taken through each step of setting up your Instagram account, getting to grips with the interface of the app, making the most of the features that Instagram has to offer and building engagement and community on Instagram. This seminar is aimed at beginners however it will also be useful for anyone hoping to improve their church's instagram presence.

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