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Hark the Herald

(best sung by two people alternating lines, then join together for the last one)

  • Hark the herald angels sing, Listen how the shop bells ring! 
  • Peace on earth and mercy mild Santa's grotto's running wild. 
  • Joyful, all ye nations rise, We can't eat any more mince pies 
  • With the angelic host proclaim Somehow, Christmas ain't the same.
  • Hark the herald angels sing, What will Father Christmas bring?
  • Christ, by highest heaven adored By Boxing Day we'll all be bored, 
  • Late in time behold Him come Too much turkey, bloated tum, 
  • Veiled in flesh the Godhead see, Dinner's over, what's for tea? 
  • Pleased as man with man to dwell, No cards again from Auntie Nell, 
  • Hark! The herald angels sing, It's the time of year to have a fling.
  • Hail, the heaven-born Prince of Peace, Will the cost next year increase? 
  • Light and life to all He brings For three months, we've spent like kings. 
  • Mild, He lays His glory by, With all this booze we'll soon get high, 
  • Born to raise the sons of earth, How much are crackers really worth? 
  • Hark! The herald angels sing, Who's this bloke they call the king?

Baptism Baubles

A couple of years ago Bishop Geoff visited a church in Stafford which was holding a Christmas tree festival, one tree in particular though captured his attention, it was a dressed with glass baubles each one bearing the name of a child who had been baptised that year in the church- it is an encouragement to the church of the number of baptisms, but also the families are invited to come and see their childs bauble on the tree and attend a special thanksgiving service.

Apples and Oranges

A son is telling his father what he wants for Christmas. The father gulps at the likely cost and tells his son (Insert dubious Yorkshire accent here);When I were a lad we were lucky if we had an apple and an orange for Christmas, and if we got it, we were grateful.

The son thinks quickly; But Dad, thats what I was just telling you, if you can get me an apple AND an orange Ill be over the moon.

The father cant believe his ears and is about to speak congratulating his son on his maturity and lack of desire for meaningless material possessions, when the light of his eyes pipes up again;

Dad, if you can get me the latest Apple Ipod and Orange WAP phone, youll be the best dad in the world…


Man on beach and found bottle. Genie. 3 wishes. New computer goes home there it is! Rubs it again. (better get something the wife will like) Dream holiday gives wife tickets and shes suspicious. Tries to say he won it but she asks and asks and in the end he tells her. Glowers. Wasted two wishes. Give it here! Rubs it. Genie appears and complains then she complains about her useless husband. Genie gives in (despair) Thinks. At last! I want a house fit for God to live in! Whooosh! Flash! Finds herself in a dark, smelly stable surrounded by animals. God with us. Emmanuel. 

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