Training for Authorised Lay Ministry

The Diocese of Lichfield authorises a range of lay ministries. Many people are involved in ministry in their own parish, workplace or community and do not need to be trained or authorised to continue in this. However, there are certain roles in the church and the community that benefit from both training and authorisation. Training builds on skills and experience that people already have, and allows them to develop their gifts for ministry even further. Training also helps resource people for the demands of ministry and to sustain their work over a long period of time. Authorised ministers exercise their particular ministry on behalf of both their local church community, and also on behalf of the Diocese. Many people find it useful to have this ‘official’ aspect to their ministry.

During the Pathways to Ministry year, candidates offering for lay ministry attend a Diocesan Advisory Panel, and if recommended, go on to one of the following tracks:

Authorised Lay Ministry - Module Handbook for 2017/2018

Reader Ministry

Reader ministry is a national ministry of the Church of England, and beyond that, of the Anglican Communion. The national Church has a Reader’s Council which you can link to here.

Reader Ministry leaflet

A programme of events for all Lay Local Ministers in the Diocese runs each year. Continuing Ministerial Development is an important part of the responsibility of Ministry and we do encourage all LLMs to participate in opportunities for further learning, reflection and support. All ALM modules are available as CMD. The series of events as part of the Reader Banquet are also included - more information about these can be found here.