Pioneer mentoring

If you are in the process of shaping a new worshipping community, pioneer mentors can help.

Pioneer Mentors have been trained and commissioned to support people in the diocese as they explore this challenge.

Pioneer Mentors can work with individuals or groups. This includes:

  • People exploring whether they might be called to a pioneering role;
  • People developing their pioneering role;
  • Teams praying about whether to create a fresh expression or new worshipping community;
  • Teams already developing a fresh expression or new worshipping community.

Pioneer Mentors offer expertise, insight, reflection, prayer and advocacy. They can also connect you to others in the growing group of Lichfield pioneers.

If you would like to have the support of a pioneer mentor

Please view our current list of pioneers here. You can either approach them directly, or discuss further with Simon Foster, Mission Team Leader.

Pioneer mentors may offer their time for free as part of their existing ministry. However, not all of our Pioneer Mentors are in paid or stipended ministry.  It may be appropriate to discuss with them whether to recompense them for their time.

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