See the power

    The Chad Blog
    1 May 2019
    Ven Sue Weller

    While we await a new Bishop of Shrewsbury, another archdeacon pens a pastoral letter.

    What do you expect when you pray?

    When we pray, do we expect it to be a way of persuading God to give us what we want? Or is prayer an activity in which we engage with God, to achieve what he wants? 

    To be able to engage with God, we need faith, trust in God, in every part of life. Prayer helps us to grow in trust (Proverbs 3:5-6). But faith filled prayer is not a device to ensure an easy life – see Hebrews 11:32-39 to see what trust in God achieves in real people’s lives. Prayer is the way we have been given to see God’s power at work in every situation, to help us cope, to overcome evil, to witness change.

    Thy Kingdom Come, is an opportunity, between Ascension Day and Pentecost (30th May-9th June), for all of us, ‘to deepen our friendship with Jesus, bring others to know Jesus or know him better and to come to know that every aspect of your life is the stuff of prayer’.

    As we have recently celebrated at Easter, and do so every day, Jesus Christ is RISEN, He is ALIVE. When we pray we pray to God our Father, through our living Lord and Saviour, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

    In times of great pain and suffering, in times of joy and celebration, we pray with the focus that Jesus himself taught us in the Lord’s Prayer. ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, is followed by the words ‘Thy will be done’. We pray for the coming of God’s kingdom in our lives, the lives of those around us, the life of our churches, communities and beyond. We do so based on God’s agenda, not ours; we do so expecting God to work. ‘Your will be done’.

    So let’s all pray. If you don’t know what to say, start with the words Jesus taught us – the Lord’s Prayer (Matt 6:9-14). Pause between each line, be ready to be challenged, encouraged and comforted. Listen, watch and see God at work. And GIVE THANKS.

    The Ven Sue Weller
    Archdeacon of Walsall