#NewRevs2021 - James Cartlidge

Stone S.Michael and S.Wulfad with Aston S.Saviour

James was born in Stoke on Trent in the 1970s, and raised in several parts of Newcastle borough. He has been married to Andrea for almost 23 years, and they have four children. Over the last twenty years James has held several roles at his local parish church (starting with the PCC the week after he was married and culminating with the post of church warden which he stood down from in order to start training for ordained ministry).

Starting out in catering (as a job round school and university), James had a career both in software development and computer networking. He has spent the last five years at home, raising children, decorating and exploring his faith (not necessarily in that order). 

James can usually be found at church functions wielding a pair of tongs over the barbecue or in the kitchen. As you can see from the photograph he owns his own pair of wings and is always up for a new challenge (he isn't keen on heights though, so if cherry pickers can be avoided in the future that would be much appreciated! Thanks).

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