Vision Statements

Mission statements, vision statements, strap lines, slogans, mottos. Even looking at the range of possibilities is confusing and makes some want to give up. Don't. Here are some resources to help you.

Why do it? 

  • It’s important to know what we are about. John Stott said that the definition of vision is a combination of a deep dissatisfaction with what is and a clear grasp of what could be. An example of this is Nehemiah experiencing a deep dissatisfaction with the state of the walls of Jerusalem but saw what could be.
  • It reminds your members why they are here. Even the process of working on the statement is helpful in determining the core values of the church.
  • It speaks to those who are not (yet) members and tells them what the church is all about.

The Process

You can, of course, look at all sorts of examples of what others have used and pick the one closest to your church or the one that attracts you most. This is rarely helpful. The key thing is to prayerfully work through a process with the key members of the church and discern what God is saying to the church. There are resources to help you to do this and individuals with skills in this area who we can recommend. Alternatively you may with to work this through yourself using the resources listed below:


  • Barry Wilson. In his web based booklet on Planning for Growth Barry has a 6 page exercise (pages 2-8) helping churches to frame a vision. You can download his materials from Using the menu on the left click on Mission Resources and download Planning for Growth where you will find the relevant pages 2-8. 
  • Example of a church's working paper. See what St. Philips Penn Fields looked at to frame their vision (Appendix A here
  • Church of Wales advice from John Leach (Appendix B here). 
  • There are various web based articles which may help you. e.g. here

If you want help or advice on any of these matters do contact the Local Mission Team via Richard Barrett

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