Lay Local Ministers

Welcome to the page for Lay Local Ministers in the Lichfield Diocese. There are over 400 authorised and licensed lay ministers in the Diocese, who contribute a whole range of ministries to the life and health of the church. As you know we are facing many changes and challenges as a Diocese and as a Church. One of the results of this is a raising of the profile of lay ministry. This means both recognising and celebrating the ministries already carried out by lay people, as well as encouraging more people to offer their gifts for the building up of the kingdom.

For queries relating to Lay Local Ministers, please contact Cath Hughes, Vocations and Training Co-ordinator.


For information about Readers and Reader PtOs in the Diocese, please see here.

Licensed Lay Funeral Ministers

Lay Funeral Ministers are licensed to a Parish or Benefice for one year at a time.  

To renew your Lay Funeral Minister licence you will need to:

  • Complete the licence renewal paperwork which can be downloaded here.
  • Have a valid DBS certificate, dated within the past 5 years. Information about DBS checks can be found here.
  • Have completed C3 Safeguarding Training within the past 3 years. Details of Diocesan Safeguarding Training can be found here.

Authorised Lay Ministers

There are almost 100 ALMs across the Diocese, offering ministry in their local contexts.  

ALMs are authorised or commissioned to serve their churches and communities in a wide variety of ways and include Pastoral Care Ministers, Prayer Guides, Spirituality Ministers, Adult Education Ministers, Community Ministers, Evangelism and Outreach Ministers, Lay Pioneer Ministers, Youth and Children's  Ministers and Worship Leaders.

We are no longer authorising Lay Ministers centrally but now offer the Living Discipleship course which is an opportunity to develop existing and explore new areas of lay ministry and can lead to being commissioned for ministry in your local parish.

ALMs authorised before 2019 are commissioned by the Diocese for 5 years until the age of 70, when they move to local commissioning.  ALM authorisations are renewed at the quinquennial renewal in the 1st and 6th years of each decade. The next Diocesan renewal is 01 May 2021.

To renew their authorisation, ALMs will need to:

  • Complete the renewal paperwork which can be downloaded here.
  • Complete the ALM Review process. Details of this can be found below.
  • Have a valid DBS check (within the past 5 years). Information about DBS checks can be found here.
  • Complete C3 Safeguarding Training (within the past 3 years). Details of Diocesan Safeguarding Training can be found here.
  • Undertake Continuing Ministerial Development (CMD). Details of training courses will be sent by email and advertised in the Bulletin and on the Diocesan website.

ALM Reviews

Incumbents are asked to carry out a review of each ALM's ministry. The purpose of the review is to focus on the ministry an ALM offers and to explore what this means for them in the coming months and years.

The Review consists of getting feedback from others via the 180 degree questionnaire as well as a conversation with the Incumbent based on the form the ALM has prepared for the review.

During the review, a Role Descriptor should be agreed between the incumbent and ALM. A signed copy of the most recent Role Descriptor will be requested as part of the authorisation renewal or transfer process.

A guide to drawing up a written Role Descriptor is available here and a template is available here, should you wish to use it.

A full ALM Review should be conducted at least once during each 5 year authorisation renewal period, and the Role Descriptor reviewed annually.