Lay Local Ministers

Welcome to the page for Lay Local Ministers in the Lichfield Diocese. There are over 400 authorised and licensed lay ministers in the Diocese, who contribute a whole range of ministries to the life and health of the church. As you know we are facing many changes and challenges as a Diocese and as a Church. One of the results of this is a raising of the profile of lay ministry. This means both recognising and celebrating the ministries already carried out by lay people, as well as encouraging more people to offer their gifts for the building up of the kingdom.


In order to be re-licenced in all Readers and Authorised Lay Ministers will need to have completed the Review process, have a valid DBS check and also have attended one of the Diocesan safeguarding sessions, or completed relevant external safeguarding training, in the last 3 years. A copy of the re-licencing paperwork which has been sent to all Readers and Authorised Lay Ministers is here.

In order to book for a safeguarding session please email or call 01543 306097. We will get back to you to confirm the booking as soon as possible.

Click here to see the FAQs regarding safeguarding training.

The documents for the Reader Review process can be found by clicking here.

CMD Events

A CMD day on Luke's Gospel took place on Saturday 28th November 2015 at St Thomas and St Andrew's, Doxey, Stafford (ST16 1EQ) from 10am till 4pm. Click here to access resources on Luke's gospel.

The Venerable Paul Thomas, Warden of Readers, has organised a 'menu of special events' for Readers to support them in their ongoing roles and to prepare the celebrate 150 years of Reader ministry in the Church of England in 2016. Click here to view the programme of events. Please contact Lucy Wilson to book. The next Reader Banquet course (Loyal Toast) will take place on Saturday 29th October 2016 at Lichfield Cathedral.

You can listen to the second & third events here:

If there are things you would like to see included in the CMD programme in the future, please contact Lesley Bentley

Authorised Lay Ministry Modules

Click here to see the new module guidebook for 2016 - 17 - booking for all courses is via Julia Cunningham

All Readers and ALMs are welcome to use these modules as CMD.

LLM Newsletters

August 2015

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Area Secretaries

If you have any queries or would like advice relating to ministry in your local area, please contact the following people:

Maureen Casson (Lichfield): 01543 481151 or email

Karen Peach-Robinson (Walsall): 07827 327403 or 01902 726262 or email

Olly Passant (Salop): 01630 653909 or email

Jennifer Walton (Stoke): 01270 820051 or email

John Maddison (Stoke): 01782 853169 or email