RNG Labs, Training & Events

Photo of Libby Leech Delivering Training at a January 2017 RNG Lab

The Reaching New Generations (RNG) Team run a series of events called ‘RNG Labs’. RNG Labs are for:

  • Making space to worship God - we believe that we are to be a people focussed on the worship of God, and of calling others to discover God and do the same. We will always make space for corporate worship of different forms each time we gather.
  • Including everyone - lay or ordained, paid or volunteer, old hand or newbie, if you currently work with children, young people and their families, then we would love for you to come along!
  • Sharing food together, every time - we always have food together, because the best conversations happen over the dining table, not just listening to a trainer talk all the time.
  • Exploring diverse but important topics - we will cover the basics of children’s, youth and families ministry, but also to explore some of the more challenging but incredibly important issues affecting children, young people, and their families today.
  • Reflection - we want to make space for you to begin conversations with your team and others in the Diocese to work out how what you learn at a Lab makes a difference to your work in your context.
  • Caring for others - Youth and Children’s & Families ministry can be brilliant, energising and encouraging, or it can be exhausting, lonely and painful. When we gather, we want to make space to look after each other, have fun, and ask God to re-energise us for the work that has been given us.

Upcoming Labs, Training & Events

A short course for clergy and other line managers within the church to explore Line Management in a Christian context. The session will explore what a line manager does including setting objectives, leading, empowering, delegating and handling tricky situations and difficult conversations.

The training will cover the theology of line management, recognising individual and personal styles, creating a heathy environment, relationships, and will include paperwork and tools to underpin good practice.

Day Timing

The day will last from 10am-1230pm inclusive of breaks and refreshments.

  • 1000-1030: Doors Open, Registration and Refreshments
  • 1030-1230: Line Management

Who should come to this RNG Lab?

We welcome all persons in roles that are paid or volunteer, lay or ordained from any denomination who have responsibility for line-management of workers in their church.

How much does this training event cost?

This event is free to anyone working with children, young people and families in churches across the Lichfield Diocese Region. We are keen to resource the wider church in the region in addition to Lichfield Diocese Churches.

Jesus Christ asks us to love our neighbour (Luke 10:25-27), and to call others to become disciples (Matt 28:16-end). Young people need ways to fulfil these callings on their lives just as much as adults. We have developed Innovate Mission to help your 14-18s and their leaders to do this together.

Innovate Mission is aimed at 14-18s with the potential to be leaders in their local church and community, who will be accompanied by their youth leaders at each gathering. Click the button below to learn:

  • Who should come
  • What they'll learn
  • Dates
  • Booking tickets
  • Downloads for your young people and parents, youth leaders and the wider church