Opportunity for Funding Discipleship & Evangelism 

Do you have an idea for discipleship or evangelism but need a bit of help to get it off the ground?

Can you think of a way of inviting others to join you in following Christ in the footsteps of St Chad?

Churches are invited to apply for small grants from a fund available especially for discipleship and evangelism!

The fund will support the following areas:

  1. Evangelism
  2. Training (primarily of laity) in Evangelism
  3. Training (primarily of laity) in Discipleship

The fund will pay 90% of the cost of approved projects, on condition that the church is committed to funding the other 10%. This money has been donated for the furthering of the Kingdom of God in the Lichfield Diocese by a small group of donors in the Diocese as part of their own commitment to Discipleship, Evangelism and Vocation.

‘Evangelism’ should be understood as “The spreading of the Christian Gospel by public preaching or personal witness".

Parishes should submit applications to: Helen Scheven, 1 Three Spires House, Station Road, Lichfield, WS13 6HX; or email helen.scheven@lichfield.anglican.org, by 20th March 2019.

Applications must include:

  1. A clear project proposal detailing how the money would be spent and the vision for the project;
  2. A copy of a PCC resolution committing to finance 10% or, if not yet available, evidence of PCC approval must be given before the grant is released;
  3. Name and contact details of a project leader or liaison person.

The committee administering the money will meet on 27th March and approved projects will receive the money by the end of the year. The decision of the committee is final. 

New and creative ideas are strongly encouraged!

Projects previously funded have included:

  • Alpha, Pilgrim, and other courses.
  • Resources for Life Events.
  • New ‘Breakfast Service’.
  • Street preaching.
  • Outreach.
  • Children’s bible.

And many more. We are open to ideas.