Preparing for the Annual Meetings of Parishioners to choose churchwardens and Annual Parochial Church Meetings (APCMs)

If you are able to hold a physical meeting, proceed as usual with the notices of the meetings.

If you will be holding a physical and virtual, or wholly virtual meeting the details need to be included in your notices of the meetings. To prepare for this please think through the details below.

Preparatory PCC and virtual meeting practice session


As indicated in the notes for the provision of remote working of annual meetings, the PCC will need to meet in good time before the annual meetings to ensure that the notices are agreed. That meeting will therefore be determining what kind of meeting will be taking place – live, virtual (e.g. via Zoom) or a mixture of the two – and what voting arrangements are anticipated.  

One suggestion we are making for the preparatory PCC meeting is that it might help everyone concerned, especially if the meeting is to be either wholly virtual or a mixture of live and virtual, to have a list of FAQs (with answers) appended to the notices for the meeting (or communicated with these). These would be questions such as:

  1. Q. Will the meeting be live, virtual or a mixture? A.
  2. Q. If a mixture or virtual:

(i) how do I get access? A.
(ii) how do I contribute to discussion? A.
(iii) will I be able to hear and see other people in the meeting? A
(iv) how do I vote? A.

Additional FAQs could be added to suit local concerns and circumstances, particularly with respect to voting.


In addition to the PCC meeting (as necessary) a virtual meeting practice session is also suggested in the notes, to check that the system set up works as you have planned.

How will you want someone to indicate they would like to contribute to the discussion? Raising their hand may be missed, if there are more participants than can be seen on the host’s screen at any one time. Remember to include how those taking part by phone can ask to speak.

If you are using virtual voting, do a test run, both setting up the questions, and making sure the finished polls are recorded correctly.

We hope this helps you think through the additional details that may be needed this year, to aid the smooth running of the meetings.

Page last updated: 19th March 2021 8:52 AM