APCM Instrument 2021 notes

This comes as provision for those who are not holding a wholly physical meeting.

Different platforms are available for virtual meetings. Zoom is used in these notes simply as an example of how the meeting may be held.

  • Point 2 refers to a combination of a physical meeting and a virtual one (without all of the persons) or a wholly virtual meeting (without any of the persons).
  • Point 3 – if it is not possible to hold a physical meeting (e.g. the capacity of the building) the meeting can be wholly remote. The notice for the meeting must include details the virtual meeting should anyone want to use that facility including access by phone.
  • Point 5 The voting method (s)/platforms to use should be decided by the PCC in a meeting before the notices are displayed for the APCM.

The notice for the meeting would need therefore to include details of the virtual meeting/and place if a physical is included, but also contact details for people to request ballot papers for elections in which they are eligible to vote. When sent to them they must include details of either returning by email/post/to a ballot box, to encourage the widest possible participation. A ballot paper system or a postal vote system are both permitted under the CRR.

Polls can be set up by the administrator of the account for a virtual meeting. A licenced Zoom account can include anonymous voting for those joining online (but not by phone).

In addition Zoom meetings can be recorded, and if this is to be the case it must be included in the notice for the meeting.

Zoom meetings that allow voting 

  • You need to have a “licence” which means the facility is not available in the free version but in the basic “Pro” version (about £15 per month inc VAT), Polling can be enabled at Settings/Admin/Account Settings/In Meeting (basic) on the users account page via the website.
  • Phone participants cannot vote on this system.
  • Phone participants can however access the meeting by this route, enabling them to hear and be heard: 

By Phone

  1. Dial 0131 460 1196

  2. You will be prompted to enter the meeting ID  XXXXX followed by #.
  3. If the meeting has not already started and join before host is not enabled, you will be prompted to press # to wait if you are participant.
  4. You will be prompted to enter your unique participant ID but press # to skip, as you do not need this
  5. You should now be told you are in the meeting.

From a practical perspective, each parish should attempt to hold virtual meetings as a practice session, inviting as many as possible to take part, in advance of any formal meeting, just to gain experience in using this kind of system for a potentially large and formal session.

Page last updated: 19th March 2021 8:52 AM