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2022 Return of Parish Finance ("RPF")

Please find below everything you need to help you to complete your 2022 return of parish finance. This return is required from all 42 Dioceses by the Archbishop’s Council in London in order to collect National Statistics from parishes across the country.

It is important to the Diocese that we receive your Return as soon as possible and before the deadline of 31 May 2023 but remember you do not have to wait until after the APCM.

Why do we need the information?

As part of Shaping for Mission in the Lichfield Diocese, it is helpful to ascertain the relative health of each parish, and a snapshot of how deaneries are fairing during Covd-19.  In order to help with this process at Diocesan and National level we use the National Church system which is able to monitor each diocese in order to budget for any monies sent to dioceses who may need help.  Not every diocese receives help from the National Church but we in Lichfield receive nearly £2m each year against the ‘Low Income Communities’ initiative to support our parishes in the more deprived parts of the diocese.

Due to the growing importance of this information and the subsequent evaluation, your parish needs to ensure that these National Forms and Annual Accounts are completed on time in order to be looked at favourably by various Committees who approve Diocesan Loans and Grants, and any Special arrangements to clear Parish Share Arrears.

Annual Accounts

Once your accounts have been approved by the PCC as trustees, please could you send either an electronically scanned copy (PDF) as one document to or a hard copy through the post to the Diocesan Office. Please remember you can no longer log-on to the Lichfield Diocese Website to upload your Annual Accounts.

If you have any queries regarding the process or the forms then please email Equally if you know you cannot meet the deadlines for either submission of the form for whatever reason, or the Annual Accounts, please let us know as soon as possible so we can make provision.

Please help us to help you; we would like your Return by no later than 31 May 2022.

Thank you

We remain grateful for all the work of the volunteers across the Diocese, both in time and talents as well as the enormous generosity we see from our members and congregations. We are currently in an age where governance and questions surrounding sustainability are on the increase, but we are committed to providing support and assistance to our parishes and to continue to keep working with you on our journey together.


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