Being Good Stewards

The Parish Resources Team - Stewardship

The aim is to work with churches throughout the Diocese to meet the challenge of communicating stewardship in all its forms as integral parts of Christian discipleship and of healthy church life.

Working closely with the Archdeacons, with Ministry and Mission and Transforming Communities, as well as with the Finance Department , we seek to be pro-active in joining-up the thinking between different elements of Diocesan Growth Strategy. We encourage Practising Generosity as a valid Growth Theme in its own right, as well as enabling and resourcing the other Four Themes of Growth.

Although we can and do support parishes in releasing and Practising Generosity in terms of time and talents, the focus tends to be on treasure i.e. money…..this involves looking at different methods of giving, tax efficiency of giving, including Gift Aid, narrative budgeting, and generally the challenge to encourage committed financial giving in the context of Christian discipleship.

The Parish Resources Team has access to a wide variety of resources and in conversation with parishes, seeks to tailor individual needs with a customized “basket” of some of these resources in the most helpful and appropriate ways.

Contact details:

Jess Dace : 01543 306052