Community of Evangelists

Start date
7 Oct 2019, noon
End date
7 Oct 2019, 3:30 p.m.
St Leonard's Malinslee TF4 2AS

The Autumn Gathering of the Community of Evangelists, this time with keynote speaker Neville Willerton of the Church Army.

Neville is Director of Operations for Church Army. Neville oversees the front line work for Church Army and develops new work and partnerships as well. Neville is a Commissioned Evangelist and has worked with them since 1999. He is inspired by the work that Church Army does, especially the projects that he leads in working with people who are profoundly unchurched. Neville and Church Army are experiencing significant growth in their pioneering work. He lives with his family in Shropshire. 

Hosted by St Leonard's Malinslee in Telford (TF4 2AS)

All members and first-time guests very welcome. If you'd like to come, mainly for catering purposes, please email our warden Lynne Mills.

A poster with more details is here

More details about the Community of Evangelists available here