Diocesan Secretariat - Governance and HR

Administration and Governance are perhaps not the most exciting of topics!  

Having said that, a Diocese that fails to exercise good governance will fundamentally undermine the whole process of what it means to be episcopally led and synodically governed.

Synodical Government was introduced by the Church of England in 1970 with a view to increasing lay participation in the decision-making processes of the Church. A "Synod" is "a council for debates or government". The word itself means "coming to a common mind". Government by Synod is government by common consent – bishops, clergy and laity together - and should reflect the belief that the Spirit is given to all God's people.

Julie Jones
Julie Jones, Chief Executive Officer and Diocesan Secretary

In recent years we have worked hard to ensure our governance is of the highest standard.  We want to make all of our committees accessible, democratic and transparent.

We have produced a comprehensive governance handbook here which explains in comprehensive detail our structure and modus operandi.