List B supporting documents

The following guidance relates to the supporting documents required for a List B application (Archdeacon's permission) via the Online Faculty System (OFS).

The online system is designed to guide and prompt you through your application. As part of the online application process, you will be required to give a written description of the proposed works, but in addition you will need to provide full technical details. These details are very important and you will need to upload a variety of supporting documents. Without them, your application will not be valid and may be delayed in being processed.

You can either upload all of the information in one session or you can add your information in separate sessions. Documents should be uploaded to the 'Supporting documents and images' tab within the application.

Please provide the following supporting documents:

  1. Full technical details, designs and specifications – as an absolute minimum these should contain full details of the materials proposed to be used and the working methods to be adopted.
  2. An up-to-date copy of a quotation or estimate by the chosen contractor.
  3. A plan showing the location of the proposed works, including (where appropriate) wiring routes, details of areas to be redecorated, and the location into which items are to be introduced or from where they are to be removed.
  4. Illustrative photographs, giving general context and specific detail (e.g. existing fittings and new equipment).
  5. Any advice or other material relating to the environmental implications of the works or proposal (where relevant).
  6. A copy of a resolution of the PCC or Standing Committee in support of the proposal.
  7. Details of the proposed arrangements for funding the works.

When uploading information, please name each file by subject and give a description of its contents on the OFS for each file you are attaching.

User manuals

The OFS has a frequently asked questions section and a number of user manuals, which can be consulted at any time.

Key user manuals, with step-by-step instructions, include:

Getting help...

If you are in any doubt as to exactly what List B supporting documents to provide, please contact:

Clare Beavon, Diocesan Pastoral Officer

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