Shaping for Mission Phase Two: Vision-Setting Session

Date: 21st April 2021

Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Discerning the Diocesan Vision, what might deaneries learn from the process?
Pete Bate, Simon Foster, Lindsey Hall

Wednesday 21st April 2 – 3pm
The Diocesan vision prayer was a vision statement and before that was a slide in a presentation. In this session we will talk about the process of discerning a vision for the diocese: how you work with what is already good, try and hold the diverse nature of the organisation and seek to find a faithful way of talking about what we are called to. Deaneries, like the diocese, hold a lor of units together and together we will draw out some of the ways in which shared vision can be discerned.

The session is open to anyone but will be particularly geared towards those involved in the Shaping for Mission process.

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