Vision Appendix A

An example of what one church has done: St Philips Penn Fields.

Creating a church headline

Short, memorable headline that encapsulates for outsiders and members what our church stands for, what is distinctive about it. Can go on website after name of church, letterheads etc.

  • Ideally things that apply to all churches: this is what makes us special.
  • Avoid jargon which outsiders might not understand or find off-putting/clichd
  • Ideally 6 words or less.
  • One option is to highlight a felt need of outsiders (community, welcome, hope, feeling there should be more to life' etc).
  • It can be a short list of key words, or it can be a single idea.
  • Examples: 'Open, prayerful, relevant' 'Loving God, loving people 'Connecting people with God' 'Real People, real life' 'A diverse church united by God's love' 'A community of faith love and hope'

Questions to help us;

  • If a guest visited St. Philip's and was asked 'What did you like best? What might they say?

  • If you were inviting a friend to St. Philip's for the first time, what one thing would you promise they would find there?
  • Who comes to our church?
  • What is St. Philip's most significant contribution to the local community?
  • What kind of atmosphere do we want people to find a St. Philip's?
  • If our church were an animal what would it be, and why?

A distinctive mission:

All churches should ask: 'who are we? 'What is God's distinctive call to us?' We need to say yes to some things and no to others. A lot of organisations have a long mission statement (20-200 words). This is too long, as no one can remember it and it just ends up in a drawer. Better to have a short and memorable 'Headline' (of more than 6 words) that I used regularly, plus up to 6(no more then 6) main mission points or' core values' that we agree are absolutely central.

Examples from other churches: 

  • Build relationships, (especially with unbelievers)
  • Bring (yourself and others to worship)
  • Belong (small group focus)
  • Become (teaching, seminars for growth).
  • Bless (a lifestyle of service inside and outside church).

Shaping our Mission values 

Some questions to start with:

  • What do we already do?
  • 'If we don't do x, we might as well shut down the church'. What is x for you?
  • What would you love St. Philip to become famous for?
  • If you didn't go to St. Philip's, which church would you go to and why?
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