If you go to your local Christian bookshop (try here) they should have several for you to browse through and can advise you as to what is most popular. You can look here to find your nearest local Christian bookshop. A useful booklet of long standing is Journey Into Life by Norman Warren, which answers the questions people ask before they say the prayer of commitment available from Eden amongst other places (here). Various other booklets are available. 

Amongst these are:

  • Why Jesus by Nicky Gumbel. Alpha resources. 
  • The Bridge to Life. Navigators.
  • What if? From Through Faith Missions; email or 01954 210239 
  • There are a large range of booklets from Lifewords, the Scripture Union site (here) adults, teens and children. The booklets are free but a donation is suggested. 
  • UCB Radio also provides 'The Book of Hope' free for various age ranges via here  
  • CPO have a wide range of tracts for purchase here
  • Christian Bits produce tracts; here
  • Eden also do tracts here
  • There is also the free monthly publication Inspire magazine available to all churches from here
  • 'Just Grace' can be obtained from Evangelism Explosion - - this booklet gives a clear gospel presentation, explains the implications of Christian commitment and, after suggesting a prayer of response, goes on to set out the foundations for the first steps in discipleship for the new believer.

Others we recommend are: 

  • The God shaped Hole. Not available but we have produced a version for you to print or use on PowerPoint. Produced by Murray McBride. Available on request from Richard Barrett
  • Hey! (CPO) From here
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