Open Churches

Some ideas on keeping access to churches open:

  • 'Divine Inspiration' is based on Coventry Diocese and on this web site you will find many ideas and downloadable resources. Have a look here. They also feature in the DVD of 'Everybody Welcome'. (See more here)

  • The Churches Visitor and Tourism Association has a lot of information here

  • Ecclesiastical Insurance. Their advice is for churches to be open in the day. See here
    Their policy states: 

We are often asked whether churches should be kept locked at all times. Our answer is no, provided the right precautions have been taken. Indeed, we recommend, where appropriate that churches are kept open because of the positive effect that has on security. Keeping churches open outside of services of worship is a vital element in the link they have with the community they serve and for historic buildings can also generate tourist revenue.

  • Wrexham Open Church Network; For an excellent example of good practice, see here for what churches in Wrexham have done.
  • 'Open for You' by Paul Bond (Canterbury Press 14.99) is an excellent and practical book about making our churches more welcoming, with a special focus on visitors to open churches. Available here
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