Leading Worship using the Internet

An increasing number of churches are using technology for music in worship. This is sometimes because of the difficulty in finding or paying an organist, or because of a desire to use modern music but they do not have musicians available for a live band.

Here are some things to look at for creating a flow of music worship:

  • 5 tips for creating a worship set list here
  • Crafting a setlist here
  • Creatinting a dynamin worship set here
  • Choosing songs for worship here
  • It's all about His presence here

And if you want some general brilliant resources on worship, then we recommend Sam and Sara Hargreaves at Engage Worship: www.engageworship.org/. In addition to this, Worship Central is run at times by St Matthew Tipton contact Matt Gatt on email  or 07875 093029.

Page last updated: Tuesday 9th July 2019 9:06 PM
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