Gifts Exercises

Some of the ones we know of and recommend are: 

  • Discovering your spiritual gifts is recommended by the former Bishop of Shrewsbury, Mark Rylands and can be used with a congregation on a Sunday for instant responses. There is a questionnaire and a score chart which can be found accordingly, just please email Richard Barrett. 
  • SHAPE. Your SHAPE for Gods Service you can obtain this free from the Germinate website here, where you will also find a summary and explanation of the six session course.
  • Network Course, produced by Willow Creek. Available here
  • Discovery Course. This is an anglicised form of an earlier version of the Network Course. Contact us for more information and details from Richard - email.

In addition to this, we recommend the principles outlined in Mark Yaconellis book Contemplative Youth Ministry, under the title of 'Gathering a covenant community' - email Richard Barrett for a copy of the relevant chapter.

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