Confirmation Resources


The Christ we Share

This is an image-based resource that has been used by many in the past. It is not currently longer available )more here), but I came across this version of it online by Simon Heron on youtube here, with music 'Clinging to the Cross' by Tim Hughes.

Life Bible Course

from CPO (infant baptism version available also) 5.25. Available here.

Young People

Youth Emmaus

is a course designed to help those aged 11 to 16 explore the basics of the Christian faith. This is no easy task - but Youth Emmaus offers a winning combination of meaty leaders' notes, cool handouts for group members, great cartoons and graphics and a free CD-ROM stacked with other useful resources. The material is fully road-tested and ideal for youth groups and as a confirmation course for young people. 

Youth Emmaus tackles;

  • What Christians Believe (5 Units)
  • How Christians Grow (5 Units)
  • Living the Christian Life (3 Units) 

Youth Emmaus also contains a FREE CD-ROM that includes; 

  • Handouts and supplementary handouts for all sessions as PDF files
  • Emmaus Poster
  • Downloadable services to use with young people and a section on using Youth Emmaus in an all-age context
  • Powerpoint presentation on Youth Emmaus
  • Useful links to Emmaus website
  • All icons from handouts available in colour in a downloadable format

Moving Images, Changing Lives

Exploring the Christian Life and Confirmation with Young People Through Film, Phil Greig, Sarah Brush. 19.99. Available here.

Other Recommended resources for preparing Young people for Confirmation

  • Youth Alpha
  • CY (11-14 years) Christianity Explored
  • Soul (Older teenagers and young adults) Christianity Explored
  • Faith Confirmed - SPCK
  • Get a Life - Church House Publishing
  • Nooma Rob Bell
  • The Confirmation Experience Susan Sayers
  • Are you ready? and Living your confirmation Peter Maidment and Paul Butler
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